Biomass cogeneration system up to 1 MWe

In order to meet the renewable energy market offer cogeneration installation of electrical power to 1 MW and 4 MWth of heat with the following elements:

  1. Fuel transport system for the gasification chamber
  2. The hydraulic system of the fuel supply to gasifier
  3. Gasifier QM12
    1. Gasifier converts feedstock to combustible gas burned in the combustion chamber. It is a large tank insulated and lined with refractory brick, which is powered by multiple levels of persistent air jets gasification process.
  4. Combustion chamber
    1. In the combustion chamber, the combustion gases created in gasifier with simultaneous temperature control emissions. It is a large tank insulated andlined with refractory brick, which is powered by multiple levels of persistent air jets combustion at 1000 ° C.
  5. Waste heat boiler with a capacity of 8 t / h steam
    1. Recovery boiler is a heat exchanger for altering the energy contained in the flue gas for energy in the form of steam with parameters of 40 bar and 450 ° C.Regenerative boilers are boilers wodnorurowymi and work with forced circulation. Contained in the exhaust heat is transferred to water flowing in pipes.
  6. The steam turbine with a capacity of 950 kW
    1. The steam turbine has the task of conversion of energy contained in the steaminto mechanical energy, which is then the generator is converted into electrical energy. Exhaust steam from the turbine is directed to the steam-water heat exchanger where the water is heated to the appropriate network parameters.
  7. Exhaust gas purification system – a highly efficient system of gas purification anddust removal.
  8. Automation – used automation allows to work in unattended mode. The task ofsupervising the crew will only be installed and proper unloading fuel.
  9. Fans, piping, fittings, etc…
  10. Storage building and technology
  11. Technical data table:
Power in the fuel 6.1 MW
Boiler thermal power 5.2 MW
Work time (year) 8000 hr
Calorific value 12 GJ/t
Amount of fuel 14 600 ton
Electric power 1 MW
Thermal power 4 MW