Electricity production from biomass up to 1 MWe

Electricity production – biomass gasification

Due to the high demand for energy, “green”, now in the world are hard at work generating electricity generation technologies with the highest efficiency. The traditional steam turbine technology for small and medium-sized installation is not very economical, requiring exploration of new solutions. This technology ishighly efficient biomass gasification process and the use of such biogas for electricity production in gas engines. Such installations get twice as efficientthan conventional technologies.

This installation can be divided into three parts: zgazowarka, gas cleaningsystem and engine. Both gasifier and engine parts are almost standard. The present work are to refine the effective gas cleaning system. The main problemis to remove the tar, which blocks the functioning of the engine. We offer acleaning method in a multi-gas scrubbing system of oil, which removes the tarto the limit by the manufacturers of gas engines. The system is also built an aircleaning system for a minimum of oil which eliminates the need to refill the oil.This system was patented, and after months of tests passed for commercial use.

We offer installation for high net electrical efficiency of more than 30% of a totalof 80%. Comparing the net efficiency of steam for small projects, which does not exceed 15% of it is a qualitative leap.

Kogeneracja gazowa

Our offer is for companies active in the broad sense reworking of wood and chipboard. In these companies generate large quantities of waste in the form of dust, sawdust, shavings, blocks, bark, etc. It is these wastes are a valuable energy source.

Use them with installations for the gasification allows the production of “green”electricity and heat. This configuration can significantly improve the efficiency of production and delivers a variety of grants from both the environmental programsand innovative.


The proposed installation is based on the gasification process. Gasification is aconversion of solid or liquid fuels in the fuel gas at high temperature. It involvesthe reaction of carbon contained in fuels with doprowadzanymi to reactivesystem: oxygen (air), water vapor, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The temperature of the gasification process is in the range from 400 – 850 ° C. Thegasification process is a gas whose main components are flammable: methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide. Calorific value of the gas fluctuates around 6MJ/m3.