Feathers gasification

First installation of feathers gasification in the world.

Since 2009, our installation has been working in Poland, utilises 2 tons of feathers per hour and produces syngas of stable composition and fairly high quality. The syngas is burnt in the combustion chamber adjacent to the gasifier. Heat is recuperated in a boiler producing 3.5 tons per hour of technological steam continuously used for the operation of the slaughterhouse. The whole process complies with the stringent emission standards.

Additionally, the installation allows the savings associated with replacing most of the heat used by the plant in Olsztyn, obtained from coal, by the energy produced from waste – for which the company does not have to pay.
The project involved the construction of fuel storage and the technological system consisting of:

  • hall reception and preparation for loading the fuel into the gasification chamber, equipped with adequate facilities
  • gasification chamber
  • combustion gas generated in the gasification chamber
  • waste heat boiler rated at 3.5 MW
  • band gas desulphurization and dust removal – the company Dantherm FiltrationGmbH
  • activated carbon filters
  • existing chimney on the site
  • in addition, a separate room of the new hall was installed gas fired boiler – 3.5 [MW].

The investment has allowed the decommissioning of existing coal-fired boilersand installed a gas boiler with a capacity of 3.5 MW boiler in the building today. Gasification system with a gas boiler provides 100% of the demand for heat plant.

In the gallery you can see photos of the installation